Kangaroo Island is home to some of Australia's best calm and surfing beaches, including 2023's Australian Tourism's #1 Beach "Stokes Bay"

Chapman River

Unique little spot full of fish

Stokes Bay

For accommodation visit stokesbaycliffs.com

It's a secret

One small gem on a massive beach that should stay a secret

Cute private beach off stokesbaycliffs

Cute private beach along the Stokes Bay Cliffs property. Kayak required.

Snorkel oasis

Stokes Bay Cliffs

Emu Bay

Epic calm dolphins

It's still a secret

There was a school of whiting in that pool

Western River

Vivonne Bay Rock Pool

Hanson Bay surf

Stokes Bay Cliffs

Pennington Bay

Probably the most breathtaking beach on a north wind

Vivonne Bay

A previous top 10 Beach of Australia

Stokes Bay

Stokes Bay Cliffs


Stokes Bay Cliffs

Stokes Bay Cliffs

Stokes Bay Cliffs